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Ok, so yesterday was awesome. :D

The four of us went garage sale shopping, crossing off one thing on our list. At the first sale we went to, we hit the jackpot. A huge box of barbie stuff! :D Ok, you're looking at me funny, I know. That's pretty much how Trevor looked at Zoe when she squeed upon seeing it and started digging through the stuff.

But, as always, Zoe is brilliant. And after about 20 minutes, we'd found a Barbie, and put together the perfect outfit for her. And so was born our mascot, Ninja Barbie!

Ninja Barbie

The guy who was selling the stuff thought we where nuts. Though he was probably right. XD

Later that evening, we went over to the amphitheater for the first concert in the summer concert series they hold ever year. Classic rock. The concert was awesome, the band was great, we got free otter pops, but besides the little kids dancing down in front, I swear we had to be the youngest people there. What has the world come to when teenagers don't want to listen to a free classic rock concert?

We had more plans for the night, but exhaustion got the better of us. Guess we'll save it for another night!

Now, I promised a Summer Scrapbook, and here it is! Photobucket! Since, as ninjas, we have to keep our identities secret, we will be posting pictures of our newest ninja, and mascot, Ninja Barbie! Didn't I tell you Zoe was a genius? We're taking turns carrying her around with us on our adventures. And we are fully prepared to mock Trevor when it's his turn.

Also, for easy reference, and for those of you who may not have seen it, here is The List. It's all the stuff we're planning on doing this summer, and as we finish, we'll cross it of to keep track. It's gonna be posted at the top of my journal for the rest of the summer.
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