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Aug. 31st, 2011 11:31 am
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This is a list of the summer activities the other Ninjas and I are attempting to finish between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2011.

Go Swimming
Go Skinny Dipping
Go Roller Bladeing/Skateboarding
Wash a Car
Water Warz
Go to a Baseball Game
Play Beach Volley Ball - 6/12/11
Backyard Grilling
Hula hoop
Clean Out Garage
Sit by the Pond
Go to a Concert in the Park - 5/4/11
Make Crafts
Do Tie Dye
Ride Bike
Fly a Kite
Play Catch
Go on a Picnic
Go to a Fair/Festival
Go to the Park
Make Lemonade from Scratch
Have a Garage Sale
Draw on the Sidewalk with Chalk
Play Hide and Seek, Tag, Hop Scotch, etc.
Go to the Lake
Go Camping
Watch the Clouds
Watch a Sunset
Collect Sea Shells
Play Frisbee
Play with Small Bouncy Ball in Public, Annoying People
Outdoor Canvas
Go to the Arcade
Go to the Mall
Buy Whole Outfits at a Thrift Store for Each Other and Wear Them
Eat Chinese Food Out of the Carton
Make a Homemade Pizza
Go on a Mini-Road Trip
Have a Scavenger Hunt
Go Camping Indoors
Learn to Play Guitar
Go to the Art Museum and Pose Like the Paintings
Hunt Garage Sales on Foot - 6/4/11
Play Video Games - 6/15/11
Lounge Pool-Side
Build a Sand Castle
Have a Pancake Breakfast
Make a Summer Scrapbook
Perform Something at the Park or on a Street Corner
Ride the Merry-Go-Round
Go Exploring
Play on Playground - 6/17/11
Make a Summer Mix Tape. Like Real Hardware - 6/10/11
Go to a Drive-In Movie
Do Karaoke
Stay Up All Night and Watch the Sunrise - 6/18/11
Have a Birthday Party - 6/6/11
Go to a Movie and Have Popcorn
Try a New Food
Stay Out All Night - 6/17/11
Build and Launch a Model Rocket
Make Fruit Smoothies
Make S’Mores
Go Hiking
Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons
Learn Tai Chi
Make and Eat Banana Split Sundaes
Drink From a Wineglass in an Inappropriate Setting
Hunt for Aliens
Go Bowling
Take an Art Class
Do an Origami Project
Crash a Wedding
Wear a Disguise in Public
Swim in a Motel Pool
Rent a Movie (Like a Physical DVD from a Rental Store)
Make Prank Phone Calls
Wear Funky Shoelaces
See A Play
Make Tinfoil Hats
Imitate Something From a Tv Show or Movie
Make and Wear Rubber Band Bracelets
Watch an Infomercial
See an Indie Film Screening
Make Sun Tea
Bake a Cake in the Middle of the Night for No Reason
Do a Science Experiment
Go to a Comic Book Store - 6/21/11
Play with Flashlights
Draw on Each Other
Have a Tea Party - 6/6/11
Have a Sleep-Over
Sleep in a Hammock
Make Pudding by Using the Shake Method
Play Mini Golf
Play Jacks
Build a Sculpture Out of Junk
Stage a UFO Siting
Play on a Jungle Gym

on 2011-06-13 05:41 pm (UTC)
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Hi! I found you via [personal profile] brisus. She recommended I browse her friends list for cool people, and I definitely have to say this is a cool journal idea. Lemonade from scratch is delicious, and a definite easy feat to accomplish! :) I would definitely love to read more of your summer journal.


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