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So I finally got all the photos uploaded. I think. My browser crashed on me when I was ading all the titles in, but the photos themselves should be up at Summer Ninja Photobucket.

And, as promised, here is the list for our luau CD )

ETA: HTML fail fixed. The photobucket link works now. ^_^
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Ok, so I realize that I stull haven't posted those pictures, we've been so buys this week I haven't had any time to go online. Unfortunately, not much of it has been Summer Ninja stuff. The luau party was on Sunday. Everyone loved the mix CD, which was awesome. Someone here asked what ended up making the cut. I'll post a list of the songs in case anyone else is curious. I did my best to make it PG cause we knew there would be little kids around.

We spent most of Sunday helping our friend, Terra set up for her party, which was awesome. We did play beach volley ball, and of course Ninja Barbie came to the party with us, so that's one thing off the list.

Monday and Tuesday where mostly taken up by work and other boring things that need not be discused. But on Tuesday night, Trevor and I did go to the bookstore. There's this awesome used bookstore in town, it has a little caffe that's super awesomely priced, and has all the ambiance in the world. We bought a couple of video games and spend all next morning playing them.

We took Ninja Barbie with us, even though it wasn't on the summer list. The drive over was probably the best. There's really nothing like cruising down the freeway as the sun is setting with the wind blowing in your hair and the radio turned up.

So I'll get all the pictures uploaded and posted to Photobucket later today, as well as a song list for the luau CD. ^_^

Mix CD

Jun. 11th, 2011 11:32 am
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I was really tired last night, so I forgot to mention, but we got to check something else off of our list, Summer Mix CD. One of our friends is having a luau party, and so we offered to burn her the music for it. I'll post pictures of Ninja Barbie with the CD to the Summer Ninja Photobucket when I get home.


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