May. 29th, 2011

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There’s a Country Time Lemonade commercial that starts out, “Summer’s going to be a short 91 days this year.” Well I for one plan to take full advantage of those days. So this year, to make the most of it, my friends, the other Ninjas, and I, have created a list of the top 100 best summer activities of all time. And we intend to do all of them between Memorial Day, and Labor Day. That is our goal. :D

And preferably to not die trying.

First thing's first, I should introduce us.

My username.

This username, [personal profile] secretidalias, is my alias. Because it is necessary for us Ninjas need to hide our identity, even from the web! It’s very creative, no? Yeah, I know, no. But "Summer Ninja" was taken on at least one of the sites I wanted to register on so I had to become one with my inner dork! (Trust me, it's not that hard.)

Though I suppose [personal profile] secretidalias is a lot to type every time, so you can call my Sylvia. Whether or not that’s my real name... -Mad cackle-

As for the other Ninjas, there’s Zoe, Trevor, and Magenta.

Trevor's the BF of 8 months now. ^_^ We've been friends since before high school though. Zoe and I have known each other since second grade, not counting the three years we spent apart when her folks decided to move to another state. Luckily, they eventually came to their senses and moved back. Magenta's the newest Ninja, and the youngest. She's Eleanor's sister, but when Eleanor went off to college last year, tragedy, she dubbed Magenta as an official Ninja.

Now, none of us actually know Magenta's real name, she swore Eleanor to secrecy before we met her. But we suspect it's something really lame or girly. Their parents aren't the hippy type, though we haven't ruled out something like "Sunshine." If you knew her, you'd know she's a total tomboy and almost a goth.

So, this summer, the four of us have decided to take on the task of completing everything on this list, making the next 91 days the perfect summer!

So without further ado, The List )


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