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Time totally got away from me this week, sorry about the lack of posting.

Monday was my birthday. Now, Zoe told me she was throwing me a surprise birthday party. We've tried actually having surprise parties before, it's never worked. It's not that someone blabs, we just seem to know each other to well.

So I received very specific instructions to dress up in my fanciest outfit and a hat, she was very adamant about the hat, and head over to her house. This is what awaited me:


We ended up being able to cross off Birthday Party and Tea Party off the list in one night! Everyone had a toy with their place setting. I got Ninja Barbie, since I was the birthday girl. ^_^ Trevor, as you can probably guess, was the Power Ranger. Though I'm kinda surprised Zoe didn't give him a pink baby doll or something. I wouldn't put it past her. XD Zoe was the yellow bunny, Magenta had the brown teddy bear, and the purple teddy was reserved for Emily, my little sister. Yeah, I love the kid, what can you do? She's 12, for the record.

The tea... was kinda awful. I like tea, but that was... XD It was really bitter, and putting lemon in it just made it worse. We finished it anyway. :P But the real fun came with the birthday cupcakes. -Coughs- Zoe left Trevor in charge of the cupcakes. Now, Trevor, AKA Boyfriend, is good at many, many things. Cooking, is most definitely not one of them. Yeah... Well in Zoe's defense, she thought he was going to buy them. They where edible. A bit singed around the edges, and more than a little dry, but edible.

Then, while we where gooding around, Trevor and I realized that Red Ranger and Ninja Barbie are astonishingly close to the same size! So they decided to have a dance. And of course, after that Trevor and I had to dance. XD The song was U & Ur Hand by Pink. The really funny part was that Trevor was the one singing along to it. XD



And here's the link to the official Summer Ninja Album.

Yeah, this totally makes the top 3 birthdays ever list.

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That is so awesome! I'd have a ton of fun with that creative stuff!



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